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ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Ltd. brings together four research and innovation companies operating at a European level for over 15 years. The group will pool the expertise and know-how of more than 130 professionals working in Catalonia, Hungary, Malta and Poland. Our goal is to gain faster access to new sectors and markets, and to innovate within a cosmopolitan and technologically advanced context. Our company aims to assist European SMEs in transforming their innovative ideas into marketable products and services crucial for their success. Ateknea offers tailor-made services for innovation, with expertise covering a wide range of engineering and scientific areas.



Studio Itinerante Arquitectura S.L.

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SIARQ, established in 2003, is a cutting-edge company specialized in sustainable advanced design in the field of sustainable urban furniture and multifunctional urban structures, integrating renewable technology and design in bioclimatic and BIPV architecture.

Nowadays the trademark SIARQ is an international reference in the integration of new environmental standards in urban spaces. The structures and solar streetlights SIARQ are products designed for public spaces with high quality, maximum energy efficiency and big resistance. Using shapes inspired from the nature with a high aesthetic value, SIARQ products are integrated in landscape as landmark elements.

SIARQ’s core activity is PIPV conception, design, development and commercialization of urban sustainable products and in particular smart lighting systems integrating production of solar energy. Moreover, SIARQ is also active in the field of BIPV architectonical solutions. The company covers the first step of the value chain of the product: from the conception to the prototype.




IMPACT was founded in 2003 and operates in the media industry. IMPACT is a full service outdoor advertising company, selling marketing, posting, maintaining and monitoring advertising panels across the bus, rail and roadside environments. From Leaflets up to full building mesh banners, they provide a 1-stop shop for all marketing communication needs, providing services such as graphic design, structural design, manufacturing and fulfilment.


INDEX Kommunikáció Kft.

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INDEX Kommunikációs Kft. was founded in 2003 as an online and offline communication agency. Their main scopes of activities are campaign and media planning, optimisation, and full public land campaign management. Besides, they are also providing support for the preparation of graphics and creative design and have in-house resources for the production and placement of billboards, city light posters, fence advertisements, building nets, molinos or any other promotional tools.

The company is in contract with all types of media owners to offer a full spectrum media service. Their biggest partner is the French-owned market leader, JCDecaux who operates in several countries, and have good connections to other agencies, radio and TV stations, as well, so INDEX has multinational and small-medium sized firm portfolio.

Besides, through their market leader company database ( they are in contact with more than one thousand firms, and this number also applies for their public land services. They participate in bigger marketing and PR events focusing on the latest marketing trends.



X-Treme Creations op grijs

XTREME is an innovative advertising company with a portfolio that includes billboards, street furniture, and any other creative media interface. They provide “extreme” 2D and 3D new media techniques for promotion purposes. Alongside the cooperation with almost all great national and international brands the smaller and medium sized companies are also getting involved. They have the capacity to coordinate all individual steps of production, including design and manufacture. They develop new materials and supply 3Dimensional, inflatable, onepiece, displays with support structures and accessories. XTREME is on the launching site to dominate the European market. They have started a significant investment programme in the billboard advertising sector by offering  their best maintained sites and utilising the latest technology for outdoor displays.


Central European Research Center Ltd.


The Central European Research Center is an independent multidisciplinary research centre with the mission to assist various organizations, mostly SMEs, in developing innovative products by providing competence and expertise in selected fields such as mechanics, manufacturing, electronics and dedicated software design including web based software applications for control systems. Due to its cooperation with local universities CERC is also prepared to participate to cross-discipline research project bringing experts in areas that sit beyond its core areas of interest. It is a young company established by a group of SME owners who have been involved in European projects as end users and as technical companies.


Southampton University faculty of Electronics and Computer Science

The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory is part of the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Research Group within the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering at the University of Southampton (founded in 1862).

The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory is an active centre for research into dielectric materials and insulation systems, as well as high voltage and related phenomena. They are also a commercial testing house and consultancy service. They have state-of-the-art facilities, supported by a specialist engineering team who are all actively involved in internationally leading research.

Their wide range of research interests predominantly involve experimentation supported by theoretical modelling and simulation studies. The range of interests of the laboratory in electrical insulation, dielectric phenomena and high voltage plant is extensive and a majority of the research is funded by Industry. The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory has always provided a commercial testing service alongside its research activity.